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We are pleased, you have asked this question, we would like to take you to the Eden of Beauty. Our all products have been crafted with pure and organic natural ingredients taken out from Eden of Beauty (Beautifully Resourced and Healthy Earth). We use natural essential oils in all our product ranges. We always choose the best effective organic seasoning herbs and ingredients which are the gems of nature and have an excellent beauty-enhancing result for the wellness of mankind.

Our skincare products range is categorized as: Hair Care: i) Before and After Shower Combo Pack ii) Orquez Hair Serum iii) OceanSilk Hair Water Skin Care: i) Domeli’C Aloe Vera Water ii) Domeli’C Volcano Ash Peel Off Mask for Men iii) Facial Scrub Powder with Mint iv) Facial Scrub Powder v) Domeli’C Infusion Beauty Cream Personal Care: i) Domeli’C Natural Hair Inhibitor ii) Domeli’C Jeans Wax Strips iii) Domeli’C Threading Thread Handmade Cold-Press Soaps: i) Sweet Gooseberry ii)Joe Coffee Glow iii)Melia Golden Spice iv)Volcano Ash Spew v)Luminous Glam Spell vi)Basil Lamia Flora vii)Aloe Green Grace viii)Nigel Queen Seed ix)Theophrastus Folk Aura x)Little Ace xi)Little Eve

Domeli’C Natural Hair Inhibitor is an organic serum that in the first session delays the hair growth and in the 2nd to 3rd session, this stops hair growth from the area 99%, permanently. For more details, please visit:

First, Wax or thread the area, then spray this serum on the area where you have waxed/threaded (Don’t spray any other area). Absorb it on the skin properly (Rub into the skin for a couple of minutes) and do this process 3 times a day for one week (This is the 1st session). Wait for hair to grow back (Hair grow back at different duration for everyone). Once the hair grow back, repeat the same process and complete the recommended number of sessions. You will start getting results from the 2nd session onwards. Visit the link below to get step by step instructions for its application:

Yes, it is completely safe for them to use, but with hormonal imbalance and PCOS, results might be delayed. Therefore, we recommend continuing the medical treatment while you are applying Domeli’C Natural Hair Inhibitor .

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use on the face and every sensitive part of the body.

Yes, you can efficiently use this serum after the Laser Treatment or Electrolysis. It can give you more effective and good results after the Laser Treatment or Electrolysis. It can also be used as a helping agent for such mentioned scientific techniques of hair removal.

Along with slowing down and hindering the unwanted hair growth, it is also beneficial in the following ways:
• Effective for blackhead & dead skin cells removal
• Effective for discoloration of the skin caused by other hair removal methods
• Rejuvenate skin cells by enhancing their blood circulation
• Moisturize Skin by restoring its natural hydration

No, these are completely safe to use. There are no side effects. Our products are skin-friendly even on sensitive skin too. You can enjoy your happy skin with lots of tenderness of Domeli’C.

We recommend 18+ aged persons for its amiable and effective results. Under-18 aged are not recommended to use it.

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Our estimated delivery time is 2 to 4 working days. Delivery time will be vary depending upon your city.

Yes, we are all set to support you via phoning, emailing, and messaging. Currently, we are not providing Skype support, but we will be on it too. You can reach us at the provided social media accounts of Instagram and Facebook.

Yes, DomeliC is certified by PCSIR Pakistan and ECAS, Middle East. It is formulated in UAE.

Domeli'C Natural Hair Inhibitor is designed for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

No, this must not be applied on wounded/cut/broken skin.

15ml bottle is trial pack: PKR 1,499/-, 30ml bottle pack: PKR 2,999/-

We have currently 2 bottles of Natural Hair Inhibitor which are 15ml & 30ml of quantity.

It is absolutely safe and equally effective for sensitive parts of the body.

Although results vary from person to person but 300ml serum is recommended for entire body for 3- 4 session.

Yes, this is perfectly safe to use for facial hair.

Domeli’C Natural Hair Inhibitor can be used anywhere on the body; only serum quantity varies for body to body parts.

Hair must be taken out of roots before its application. We recommend methods like waxing, threading, epilating, plucking, tweezing before its application. This can also be used after Laser sessions.

The serum is same, only serum quantity is different.

Yes, this is equally suitable and effective for men to use.

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