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Anti-Lice Treatment

Anti-Lice Treatment

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Bundle contains:
1x Anti-Lice Shampoo 200ml
1x Lice-Off Hair Lotion 120ml

Experience the ultimate Anti-Lice Treatment with our powerful combination of Anti-Lice Shampoo and Lice-Off Hair Lotion. Specifically designed for lice treatment, this bundle provides a comprehensive solution to effectively eliminate lice and maintain a healthy scalp.

Our Anti-Lice Shampoo, a trusted choice in Pakistan, targets lice with its potent formula, helping you get rid of lice fast. It contains natural ingredients that suffocate and eliminate lice and their eggs, providing relief from itching and discomfort.

Paired with our Lice-Off Hair Lotion, this bundle offers a complete anti-lice treatment. The Lice-Off Hair Lotion ensures thorough eradication of lice and nits, leaving your hair lice-free. It is safe for kids and easy to apply.

With the Anti-Lice Treatment bundle, you have a powerful duo to combat lice infestations effectively. Take control of lice, protect your family, and enjoy the benefits of lice-free hair with our trusted Anti-Lice Shampoo and Lice-Off Hair Lotion.


  • Kills lice from first use
  • Removes nits, lice eggs
  • Reliefs itchiness
  • Natural & Non Neurotoxic
  • Strengthens and Volumes thin hair
  • Fragranced hair tonic
  • For daily applying
  • Shines and thickens
  • Prevents future reoccurrence of lice
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