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Orquez Hair Oil 180ml

Orquez Hair Oil 180ml

✔ 100% Organic Product.
✔ No Side Effect & for all skin types.
✔ 35000+ Satisfied Customers .

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Hair Oil from Domeli'C: Good for Your Roots

A natural mix to make hair stronger

Domeli'C Hair Oil is a powerful mix of natural oils that are meant to strengthen and feed your hair from the roots up. With all of its healthy nutrients, our hair oil is nature's best way to keep your skin and hair healthy.
  • Contains a mix of natural oils that are good for you.
  • focuses on hair roots to make them stronger and healthier.
  • Full of nutrients that are good for hair health.

Revitalizing Business Plan for Growth

Our carefully made oil is great for people who want to make their hair grow faster. It goes deep into your hair and follicles to refresh them, encouraging growth and giving each strand new life.
  • Deep fuel that helps hair grow.
  • Brings the scalp and hair cells back to life.
  • Brings life and shine back to dull hair.

Protect and keep moist

Domeli'C Hair Oil locks in moisture, which keeps hair from getting dry and brittle. Regardless of the weather, it protects your hair from environmental stresses and keeps it strong and easy to smooth.
  • Keeps wetness in to keep hair from getting dry.
  • Offers a barrier against damage to the surroundings.
  • Keeps hair strong and easy to style.

Simple and useful Use

Our hair oil can be used as either a pre-shampoo treatment or a leave-in conditioner. It is simple to add to your hair care routine, and you only need a few drops to see a change.
  • It can be used before washing or as a leave-in treatment.
  • It can be used for any hair care procedure.
  • You only need a few drops to get good results.

For All Kinds of Hair

Domeli'C Hair Oil is made to be liked by everyone. It works well with all hair types to bring out their natural beauty, whether they are oily, dry, curly, or straight.

  • Great for all hair kinds and textures.
  • fits in with the way your hair naturally looks.
  • Makes both fixed and natural hair look better.

The Ceremony of Putting It In

Domeli'C Hair Oil is a ritual that not only does good things for your hair but also gives you a moment to rest. It smells great, so rub it into your scalp and let it do its job overnight or right before you wash your hair.

  • Massage the hair to calm down and nourish it.
  • It can be used overnight or before washing.
  • Aromatic ingredients make the application experience more pleasant.

Take in the essence of Domeli'C

When you use Domeli'C Hair Oil, you're not just taking care of your hair; you're enjoying an experience that makes your hair look and feel its best. It's nature's essence in a bottle for your ease.

  • An all-around hair care experience.
  • Does great things for the health and look of your hair.
  • Nature's essence in a bottle to help your hair.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing results

Lov with dis hairs are growing long MA

Maham Riaz
Traditional oils se behtar hai

Not only it is way better then the traditional oils, it also smells really good, baal bohat soft or shiny hogye hain jabse regular use krna shuru kiya hai. highly recommend

Increases hair growth

It also makes hair smooth after wash

Orquez Hair oil

It's just an amazing experience I'm in love with this hair oil
Highly recommended

Orquez Hair Oil - Mine recommendation to all

Hey, just wanted to tell you that your this oil has now become simply my Love. This hair oil is the best oil, i have ever used. I have just completed one bottle and i am seeing visible lessened hair fall. Thank you so much for bringing out this amazing hair oil. Highly recommended!! : )

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