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Theophrastus Hair Mist 180ml

Theophrastus Hair Mist 180ml

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Domeli'C Best Hair Spray: Holds, shines, and sets hair

Unleash the potential of your hair with Pakistan’s Best Heat Protection Hair Spray – the perfect fusion of style and care. This innovative spray not only guards your locks against the damage caused by heat styling tools but also infuses them with nourishing ingredients that support hair growth and health.

The best hold for all styles

Use Domeli'C Hair Spray to keep every strand in sync. Our specially made spray gives your style a strong hold that lasts all day, so it looks great from morning to night.
  • Holds all hair styles in place for a long time.
  • Keeps the same way from dawn until dusk.
  • Keeps style from falling by resisting humidity.

Adding Shine Enhancer

Our hair spray not only keeps your style, but it also gives your hair a beautiful shine. Domeli'C Hair Spray has chemicals that reflect light, which makes your hair look healthy and bright without making it oily.
  • Gives hair a beautiful shine.
  • Ingredients that reflect light for a bright glow.
  • recipe that doesn't leave hair greasy and brings out its natural shine.

Formula for Nutrition

Our hair spray is made with nourishing ingredients that take care of your hair while giving it a strong hold. Every time you use it, you're giving your hair a loving experience that strengthens and protects it.
  • Contains chemicals that are good for your hair.
  • Holds hair in place and makes it stronger.
  • Guards hair against damage from the outside world.

Easy to dry and leaves no residue

Do not worry about the trouble of sticky remains. When you use Domeli'C Hair Spray, it dries quickly and makes your hair feel clean. It's easy to brush off at the end of the day, so there's no flaking or buildup.
  • Dryes fast to leave a clean, smooth hold.
  • Easy to brush off without flaking.
  • It doesn't leave behind any sticky buildup.

Easy to adjust and feel good

Our recipe gives you a hold that is flexible and moves with you. It's soft enough to wear all day, every day, without getting stiff. This hair will feel great and look great. It will naturally move and bounce.
  • Offers an easy and adaptable grip.
  • Hair keeps its natural bounce and movement.
  • No stiffness or other unpleasant feelings.

Simple to Use

The handle on Domeli'C Hair Spray makes it easy to use. It sprays a fine, even mist. It's easy to use as part of your beauty routine because just a few sprays are enough to keep your style in place.
  • The tip is easy to use and makes a fine, even mist.
  • With just a few sprays, it locks in style.
  • A quick and easy way to style your hair.

What Makes Domeli'C Different

Choose Domeli'C Hair Spray because it gives hair a strong hold, makes it shine, and is good for your hair. The hair spray is part of a hair care line that cares about your hair's health and beauty.
  • Extra strong hold meets hair care.
  • Benefits that make your hair shine and strengthen it.
  • Makes hair look beautiful while taking care of its health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
one word AMAZING

i have curly rough hairs, straighteners or toxic chemicals use kr kr baal mazeed rough hogye.saw about this product on the internet the other day and honestly i am amazed by the results. not only gives protects hair balky hair volume bhi improve krta hai.

Fatima Arslan
Love it!!!!

Using this hair spray for the few months and I am addicted. Ye hair spray hair ko zabardast volume deta ha, also I feel my hair are now getting straight because hair frizz ka mje bht issue tha. I am recommending this spray to all. LOVE IT!!!!!

Sabahat Naveed
Domeli'C Reviews

This product is really amazing for dandruff hair loss regrowth and dry scalp hair loss treatment. Also make my hairs silk and shinny. Recommended.

Steve Smith
Domeli'C Reviews

Results oriented product with natural ingredients. Recommended.

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